GEOMI (Geometry for Maximum Insight)

GEOMI is a visual analytic tool being developed by NICTA  for the visualisation and analysis of large and complex networks such as social networks and biological networks. Such visual analytic tools involve taking advantage of the graphics capabilities of computers to support analysis of network structure. 

Using GEOMI we can visually explore such  networks and discover patterns and trends that can provide critical insights.  GEOMI is at the cutting edge of a new generation of visual analytic tools combining network visualisation techniques with network analysis methods.

GEOMI and its source code are released under LGPL license.


Geomi Head Gesture Plug-in Video Clips

1, Introduction

2, Demo

Geomi HTML Graph Generator Video Clips

1, Generate CNN.COM

2, Generate GOOGLE.COM



Geomi Download

Geomi Source Code Download

Unzip then run the geomi.bat file.

You need to install   JAVA 3D 1.4  for the program to run properly.

Support for the latest version of Java3D (1.5 and later) will be available soon.