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Gallery - Tim Dwyer

2D Visualisation of Relational Networks


  • Promise of 3D graphics for visualisation

  • More than ten years of research

  • Increasingly widespread availability of 3D graphics hardware

  • Still not commonly used in day to day information visualisation.

Could the problem be the lack of concrete examples of 3D information visualisations that actually improve on their 2D counterparts?

We explore a metaphor which attempts to utilise the 3rd dimension more effectively.

We use the extra dimension as an independent channel for conveying a different kind of information:


Finance:  Fund Manager Movement

Scalable visualisation: view a single portfolio or all players in the market

Different layout styles emphasise different properties, eg: flow, clustering, centrality


Genetics: Phylogenic Trees

Custom algorithms help us find an optimal leaf ordering for easy comparison

Bioinformatics: Metabolic Pathways

Can compare similar pathways from different organisms or see how metabolites are consumed over time in a reaction.

LARGE IMAGE:  Visualisation of Relational Stock Market Data



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