Piers Lauder

Piers Lauder is currently an honorary associate with the Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group in the School of Information technologies at the University of Sydney.

Piers Lauder was a programmer in the School of Information Technologies (aka. Basser Department of Computer Science) from 1974 until 2006. His main interests were in the areas of networking and operating systems. With Judy Kay he co-authored the Fair Share Scheduler. With Bob Kummerfeld he co-authored the Message Handling Systems network (MHSnet) used, amongst others, by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

MHSnet evolved from earlier software known as SUNIII (aka ACSnet) that powered the internet in Australia before the introduction of ubiquitous IP services, and for which Bob and Piers were jointly elected to the Australian Internet Hall of Fame in 1998.

Piers is a founding member of AUUG, the Australian Unix and Open Systems User Group. He has twice been appointed Programme Chair at AUUG conferences in Sydney.

Piers has taken leave from the University to work overseas on three separate occasions, twice at the invitation of Bell Laboratories to work in the laboratory that originated UNIX, and once at the invitation of UUNET to work in the then burgeoning ISP business. He has also been a Technical Director for two University `spin-off' companies: Message Handling Systems P/L, and Personis P/L.

Piers and his partner, Jane Elix, have a son, Gus, and a daughter, Akira.