Matty's calligraphy

I am interested in calligraphy, palaeography, and (digital) typography, and am currently writing an outline font editor for Adobe Type 1 fonts called spif.

I sometimes use my calligraphy as a medium for my writings.

I don't really know yet what to put here. I'll scan some of my work and provide an index to show what sort of things I'm doing. Nothing exciting. I've done some Celtic items prompted by some t-shirts and an absolutely gorgeous hair-clip given to two friends of mine by their parents when they returned from the United Kingdom. Another friend has just been given a rather nice sword for her birthday, Excalibur, and it's covered with writing and scrollwork. I'll be making her a plaque to frame and put near it when she hangs it so watch out for that.

Note: the information above is somewhat old as I haven't had the time I'd like to update these pages. I apologise to those (few) waiting for me to update my pages. I'm very busy at the moment. Hopefully soon I will have some time to relax and do some more calligraphy.

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Check out:

The front of one of the envelopes for my 1994 Christmas cards.

The Nicene Creed (in Latin). See if you can spot the mistake. Unfortunately the copy I took of this before I gave it away (it was a present for friends on their marriage) was not very good and spoilt the colours. The paper dropped out completely so I made the background transparent (it was left almost white) and pasted it over a scanned image of a blank piece of the original paper using Photoshop. It mostly worked but you can still see the traces of the white background around some of the letters, especially in the counters.

For a succinct outline of Christian belief you might like to read Two Ways To Live.

A dog, what more can I say?

An `R' from a letter I addressed. This is actually an `R' from the Book of Kells.

The front of an envelope for a wedding invitation. This was one of the first pieces I did--my style has improved since but I keep forgetting to scan new envelopes when I do them.

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