The 9term Terminal Emulator

9term is an implementation for Unix of the terminal windows presented under , the Plan 9 windowing system.

What 9term does

Using 9term you too will be able to use characters like those shown below on your screen and in your programs! Below is a snapshot of me displaying one of the example files that comes with the distribution on my terminal. This was done with a simple cat command. 9term is partially Unicode aware.

9term allows program output to be edited in-place and then resubmitted as further input. Commands may be also edited in-place before being executed. Further information is available from the manual page.

Other demonstration images include:

The Availability of 9term

The 9term 1.6.3 distribution is available via ftp in with a README file and a special bundle of fonts for use with libXg and 9term.

The libXg libraries necessary to compile 9term and the sam editor are available in which comes with its own README file.

A useful tool is tcs which converts between various character sets, e.g., ISO Latin 1 to UTF-2 (also known as UTF-FSS or UTF-8), or JIS to UTF-2. The package is available in

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