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Prof. Jon Patrick wins the 2005 Eureka Prize for ICT Innovation


  1. Address conceptual and practical questions related to mapping, codifying, extracting, and utilizing the various forms of knowledge in organisations
  2. The design and implementation of tools and systems to facilitate the sharing of such knowledge


The laboratoryís research is broadly divided into two interrelated areas: Language Technologies (LT) and Knowledge Management (KM). The laboratory performs research in these two areas independently while at the same time researching text processing, data mining, and machine learning as foundational technologies to support both its LT and KM research.

The mission of the Language Technologies Research Group is to advance the semantic analysis of natural language by the use of innovative computational methods. The group has a vibrant research program in language technologies in the Scamseek Project. This project aims to produce a system for the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) to identify various types of illegal fund raising and investment advice found on static web pages, and share ramping in news group postings and Internet relay channels. Scamseek is the largest project ever undertaken by the School and the largest language technology research program in Australia. It is led by Professor Jon Patrick with a full-time staff of 8 people, 4 research assistants and 5 Ph.D. scholars.

The research projects undertaken by the Knowledge Management Research Group are organised under four themes, namely, knowledge discovery, knowledge representation, knowledge sharing and transfer, and the knowledge economy. Knowledge discovery research includes algorithms and applications of data, text, and web mining to detect new patterns in large datasets and some of the applications of the groupís work are in health insurance fraud detection and synthesis of models of open source software development performance. Knowledge representation research is focused on developing and testing appropriate representations and visualisation of the discovered knowledge. The group has carried out empirical research into and software design for web content management and sharing of knowledge in large organizations and digitally networked communities. The knowledge economy research spans investigations into the critical information technology-related drivers of financial performance at the firm and industry levels and developments in web service technology.

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  • Associate Professor Joseph Davis, Director
  • Professor Jon Patrick, Sybase Chair of Information Systems
  • Dr. Sanjay Chawla, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Liaquat Hossain, Senior Lecturer
  • Ms. Andrea Stern, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Byounggu Choi, Lecturer
  • Dr. Irena Koprinska, Lecturer
  • Dr. Josiah Poon, Lecturer
  • Dr. Uwe Roehm, Lecturer
  • Dr Ying Zhou, Lecturer
  • Prof. Vance Gledhill, Honorary Associate (Professor)
  • Dr. James Curran, ARC Research Fellow
  • Dr. Muhammad Salam, Research Associate
  • Mr. Chien-Chin Yong, Research Assistant

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Doctoral Students

  • Stephen Anthony
  • Bavani Arunasalam
  • Ari Chanen
  • Kenneth Chung
  • Ishaan Goyal
  • Maria Herke Couchman
  • Suwimon Kooptiwoot
  • Pham Ngyuen
  • Simon Poon
  • Pei Sun
  • Casey Whitelaw
  • Neda Zamani
  • Michele Zappavigna-Lee
  • Fengzhong Zou

Masters (Research) Students

  • Gregor Lesnie
  • Di Liao
  • Vinci Liu
  • Lior Y. Lukov

Honours Students

  • Ajay Brar
  • Robert Chamberlain
  • Jeremy Fletcher
  • Steven Issa
  • Ana Jong
  • Krystle Kocik
  • Michael Liu
  • Benjamin Lum
  • Dara Long
  • Alfonso Nuguid
  • Dennis Sin
  • Trevor Williams
  • Andre Wu

Past Members

  • Mr. Edmund Balnaves, Senior Lecturer
  • Mr. Georg Peters, Visiting Researcher
  • Dr. Kleber De Souza, Visiting Researcher
  • Benjamin Lachs
  • Adrain Bright
  • Agnes Chau
  • John Choi
  • Robert Cis
  • Nicholas Earnshaw
  • Daniel Fazio
  • Chieh Chi Hsu
  • Meeta Khatri
  • Cindy Lim
  • Kelvin Ngo
  • Anjali de Silva
  • Florian Verhein

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