Jon D. Patrick


Chair of Language Technology


Professor Jon D. Patrick
School of Information Technologies
Madsen Building F09
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

Qualifications: DipLandSurvRMIT, MScDublin, PhDMonash, BS cDeakin, DipBehavHealthCareLatrobe, MRSAI, BEI,MNZPsS

Research Interests

Data modelling, databases for human behaviour, decision trees, inductive inference, natural language processing, the basque language, archaeoastronomy, neurolingusitic programming, NLP publications, psychotherapy.

Workshop on Software Engineering & Architecture of Lanaguage Technology Systems - Edmonton, Canada, 31st May 2003.


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Knowledge Sharing, Management & Innovation for IT Corporations, presented to the Australian Computer Society, NSW Branch, 17th April, 2001.

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