Title Year Value Project CI
International Program Development Fund 2012 AUD8,000 Data Mining of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Data Simon Poon
Josiah Poon
China Studies Centre Research Project 2011 AUD40,000 Regulation and authentication of scheduled and toxic Chinese herbs in Australia George Li
Kelvin Chan
Basil Roufogalis
Andrew McLachlan
Kong Li
Valentina Naumovski
Josiah Poon
International Program Development Fund 2010 AUD12,000 Data Mining of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Data Josiah Poon
Simon Poon
National Science Foundation (China) Grant Jan 2012 - Dec 2015 RMB 600K Identification of core Herbs in TCM prescription for Lung Cancer Treatment using Complex Data Analyses Josiah Poon
Simon Poon (USYD)
Daniel Sze (HKPolyU)
Prof XU Ling (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM) and Longhua Hospital in Shanghai)
Ministry of Science and Technology (China) Grant Jan 2012 - Mar 2016 RMB 3.5M Application of Informatics to TCM information database Josiah Poon
Simon Poon (USYD)
William Jia (Shanghai Innovation Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine, SIRC-TCM)
Antti Poso (University of Eastern Finland)