The 2008 IEEE Int'l Workshop on Cyberspace Safety and Security (CSS2008) 
 Serial  Paper-ID Title Authors Email Uploaded  Registration Payment
1 CSS08-2 Strengthening SMS-Based Authentication through Usability Mohammed AlZomai, Audun Josang, adrian mccullagh and Ernest Foo      
2 CSS08-5 Incident Response Probabilistic Cognitive Maps Jihene Krichene and Noureddine Boudriga      
3 CSS08-6 Dynamic Purpose-based Access Control Huanchun PENG, Jun Gu and YE Xiaojun      
4 CSS08-8 Secure Dataspace with Access Policies Lei Jin, Yawei Zhang and Xiaojun YE      
5 CSS08-9 A Generic Construction of Identity-Based Online/Offline Signcryption Dongdong Sun, Yi Mu and Willy Susilo      
6 CSS08-10 Research on a New Authentication Protocol WCAP for Wireless Communication Network Based on WiMAX Ruixue LI and Zhiyi FANG      
7 CSS08-11 New Traceability Codes and Efficient Identification Algorithm for Tracing Illegitimate Redistributors Xinwen WU, Paul Watters and John Yearwood      
8 CSS08-12 DynamicWEB: A Method for Reconnaissance Activity Profiling Joel Scanlan, Jacky Hartnett and Raymond Williams      
9 CSS08-14 Similarity -Level Method Based Static Software Birthmarks Yasir Mahmood, Zeeshan Pervez and Farooq Ahmad      
10 CSS08-20 A Trust Model Based on Entity Group Similarity Evaluation Wenyu Qu