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Young Researchers Track

Wednesday, 23rd July

Session Wed4a (15.30--16.30):

Opening of YRT Sessions: Helen Pain University of Edinburgh, UK

Martial Vivet Best Paper Prize for Young Researchers

Motivational Modelling in a Vygotskyan ITS,
Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez
A Plug-In Architecture for Graph Based Collaborative Modelling Systems,
Niels Pinkwart

Session Wed4b (16.30--17.45) Young Research Parallel Track 4b

Session Chair: Ben du Boulay, University of Sussex, UK

*Targeting the Affective State of Students Studying Mathematics in a Web-based ILE,
Manolis Mavrikis, Anthony Maciocia, John Lee
A Probabilistic Relational Student Model for Virtual Laboratories,
J. Julieta Noguez, L. Enrique Sucar, Fernando Ramos
An Open Adaptive and Multi-Subject Educational System for the Web,
Ainhoa Alvarez and Isabel Fernandez-Castro

Session Wed4c (16.30--17.45) Young Research Parallel Track 4c

Session Chair: Gordon McCalla, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

An XML-based Query Mechanism to Augment Awareness in Computer-integrated Classrooms,
Jens Hardings
*MatchMaker: Framework to Support Collaborative Java Applications,
Marc Jansen
SAIC: A Computational Approach for Supporting Children's Conceptual Understanding,
Zukeri Ibrahim, Vania Dimitrova, Roger Boyle

* These papers were finalists for the Martial Vivet Best Paper Prize for Young Researchers