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Tuesday, 22nd July Poster Session (12.00--14.00)

Authoring Support Framework for Intelligent Educational Systems,
Lora Aroyo and Riichiro Mizoguchi
Intelligent Tutoring for High-stakes Achievement Tests,
Ivon Arroyo, Carole Beal, Ari Bergman, Mike Lindenmuth, David Marshall, Beverly Woolf
Further Results in Gender and Cognitive Differences in Help Effectiveness,
Ivon Arroyo, Tom Murray, Beverly Woolf, Carole Beal
A Formative Evaluation of AnimalWatch,
Ivon Arroyo, Tom Murray, Beverly Woolf, Carole Beal
Formalisms for an Annotation-based Training Memory: Connecting Implicit and Explicit Semantics,
Facial Azouaou, Cyrille Demoulins, Dominique Mille
Evidence that Multiple Agents Facilitate Greater Learning,
Amy Baylor and Suzanne Ebbers
Can Automated Questioning Help ChildrenŐs Reading Comprehension? Joseph
Beck, Jack Mostow, Andrew Cuneo, Juliet Bey
An Approach of Tailorability within a Collective Activity Support Framework,
Marie-Laure Betbeder, Neil Taurisson, Pierre Tchounikine
A Component-Based Distributed Architecture for Adaptive Web-Based Education,
Peter Brusilovsky
An Intelligent Learning Environment with an Open Learner Model for the Desktop PC and Pocket PC,
Susan Bull and Adam Thomas McEvoy
Interpersonal Relationships in Group Interaction,
Yang Cao, Golha Sharifi, Yamini Updrashta, Julita Vassileva
Challenges of Scrutable Adaptivity,
Marek Czarkowski and Judy Kay
Coordinating Advice for Collaboration through a Shared Workspace,
Maria de los Angeles Constantino-Gonzalez and Dan Suthers
Towards a Computational Theory of Learning in an Adaptive Testing Environment,
Ricardo Conejo, Eduardo Guzman, Jose-Luis Perez-de-la-Cruz
JavaBugs: A Multistrategic Approach to Detection and Discovery of Novice Object-Oriented Programming Errors,
Merlin Cruz and Raymund Sison
Recollection Assistance in Learning Tasks,
Luc Damas, Alain Mille, Remy Versace
Authoring Interface and Learner Models for Long-term Skill Acquisition,
Alexandre Direne and Donia Scott
The Next Generation Intelligent Tutoring System,
Abdelhossein Sarrafzadeh, Carole Page, Scott Overmeyer, Chao Fan, Chris Messom

Wednesday, 23rd July Poster Session (12.00--14.00)

Contextual Forum for E-Learning,
Sebastien George and Richard Hotte
An Empirical Analysis of Learner Discourse,
Bradley Goodman, Robert Gaimari, Guido Zarrella, Frank Linton
A Document-Centered Architecture for Classroom Collaboration,
Jens Hardings, Nelson Baloian, Ulrich Hoppe
Who is a Person of High Intellectual Reputation in an Organization?
Yusuke Hayashi, Mitsuru Ikeda, Riichiro Mizoguchi
A Metadata Editor of Exercise Problems for Adaptive Problem Sequencing,
Tsukasa Hirashima and Akira Takeuchi
An Animated Pedagogical Agent that Interacts Affectively with the Student,
Patricia A. Jaques, Sylvie Pesty, Rosa Vicari
Socially Intelligent Learner-Agent Interaction Tactics,
Lewis Johnson, Sander Kole, Erin Shaw, Helen Pain
Designing a Flexible Learning Environment: Learning from Books,
Russell Johnson, R. Kemp, E. Kemp, P. Blakey
An Ontological Approach for Supporting the Instructional Design Process of Information Education,
Toshinobu Kasai, Haruhisa Yamaguchi, Riichiro Mizoguchi
Designing Intelligent Self-Directed Learning Platform on the Web,
Akihiro Kashihara and Shinobu Hasegawa
Difficulties in Mastering Self-Regulation Skill and Supporting Methodologies,
Michiko Kayashima and Akiko Inaba
Learners« Responses to Multiple Intelligence Differentiated Instructional Material in an ITS,
Declan Kelly and Brendan Tangney
A Novel Approach to Teaching an Understanding of Programming,
R. Kemp, E. Todd, J. Y. Lu
XML-Based Intelligent Assessment Systems,
Jae-Bong Kim, Hee-Seop Han, Sun-Gwan Han, Chul-Hwan Lee
Toward a Rapid Development Environment for Cognitive Tutors,
Kenneth Koedinger, Vincent Aleven, Neil Heffernan
Fuzzy Student Modelling to Advise Teachers in Web-Based Distance Courses,
Essam Kosba, Vania Dimitrova, Roger Boyle
Model-Based Generation of Demand Feedback in a Programming Tutor,
Amruth Kumar
Identification of Variables in Model Tracing Tutors,
Chun Wai Liew, Joel Shapiro, D. E. Smith

Thursday, 24th July Poster Session (12.00--14.00)

Visualisation of Learning Ontologies,
Trent Apted, Judy Kay, Andrew Lum, James Uther
Using Learner Agents across Several Learning Tasks in Intelligent Tutoring Systems,
Teresita Limoanco and Raymund Sison
Building Qualitative Models with HOMER: A Study in Usability and Support,
Vania Bessa Machado and Bert Bredeweg
Towards Contingent and Affective Microworlds,
Manolis Mavrikis and John Lee
Local and Global Feedback,
Erica Melis and Carsten Ullrich
Scaffolding and Fading Problem Selection in SQL-Tutor,
Antonija Mitrovic and Brent Martin
How Adaptive Hypermedia Can Support Active Reading Skills,
Tom Murray
ITS Evaluation Using Process-Oriented ZPD Metrics,
Tom Murray and Ivon Arroyo
Toward a Generic Architecture and Authoring Tools Supporting Inquiry Learning,
Tom Murray, Beverly Woolf, David Marshall
Ontology Development at the Conceptual Level for Theory-Aware ITS Authoring Systems,
Valery Psyche, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Jaqueline Bourdeau
A Web-based Simulation Environment for Manufacturing Education,
Jeff Rickel, Maged Dessouky, Edward Kazlauskas, Narayanan Sadagopan, Erin Shaw, Lewis Johnson
Exploring the Effectiveness of Knowledge Construction Dialogues,
Carolyn Rose, Dumisizwe Bhembe, Stephanie Siler, Ramesh Srivastava, Kurt VanLehn
S-Tutor: A Speech-Based Tutoring System,
Rolf Schwitter and Md. Tawhidul Islam
Intelligent Tutoring for Non-Deterministic and Dynamic Domains,
Zack Thomsen-Gray, Karl Schultz, Brady Clark, Elizabeth Owen Bratt, Stanley Peters
Including Collaborative Learning Designs in a Learning Object Repository,
Felisa Verdejo, Beatriz Barros, Ignacio Mayorga, Tim Read
Effects of Self-Explanation in an Open-Ended Domain,
Amali Weerasinghe and Antonija Mitrovic
Tutoring 3-Dimensional Visual Skills: Dynamic Adaptation to Cognitive Level,
Beverly Woolf, Matt Romoser, Dan Bergeron, Don Fisher
An Intelligent Problem Solving Environment in the Domain of Electrical Engineering,
Vera Yakimchuk, Hilke Garbe, Heinz-Jürgen Thole, Claus Möbus, Edwin Wagner