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Pragmatics for travellers

Note that we have 240V, 50 Hz current and different power plugs from most of the world. Most recwent laptops can operate on this. If you have an older machine and need a transformer, you need to bring that with you. You should be able to buy an adaptor at the duty free store at the airport (after leaving the plane and before customs). Some links to information for travellers:

Getting around and oriented

  • Airport transfers

    The airport is ~7 kms from the city centre. You can travel to Mecure by either train or taxi. For the train, there are signs in the airport. The train trip is 8 minutes. You catch the train to Central Railway Station. The fare is $A 11. From the platform, ask for directions to Railway Square - and the hotel is there. The taxi should cost about double the train fare so it is probably a better bet if there are a couple of people.
  • Map of Central and Eastern Sydney -- see University of Sydney at lower left and various tourist places in red.
  • Map showing transport by Sydney Buses and, from that the detailed map for transport to University of Sydney
  • N18 - City Road Gate to University of Sydney (ask bus driver to tell you when you get to this stop)
  • L17 - Madsen Building is location of the Workshops and Tutorials
  • G17 - Nicholson Museum is location of Welcome Reception
  • J19-20 - Stephen Roberts Theatre is location for the plenary sessions and Paper Sessions A, meals and posters.
  • L18-19 - Carslaw Lecture Theatre 173 for Paper Sessions B.
  • L18-19 - Carslaw Lab 202a,b,c is location for Interactive Experience and for email/web access during conference.

Sydney Opera House Performances

While you are here, you might like to visit the famous Sydney Opera House (which is clearly visible in the centre of the AIED2003 poster). The Sydney Opera House Box Office enables you to book online before you come to Sydney. If you consult the AIED2003 schedule, you will see that you could fit in a performance after the tutorials and workshops on Sunday 20th July, after the Welcome Reception on Monday 21st July or on the evening of Tuesday 22nd July.

Some conferences in this area near the time of AIED

AQR Sydney 2003 - Qualitative Research: Creating Spaces for Understanding
Abstracts due: February 14
Conference:July 16-19