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Call For Interactive Events Proposals

May 1, 2003Proposals due
May 15, 2003Notification of acceptance
May 29, 2003Event descriptions due

Queries: Vincent Aleven, Interactive Events Chair, aleven@cs.cmu.edu

New information, as of 23 April, 2003
Examples of proposals for your guidance:
Learner's responses to multiple intelligence differentiated instructional material in an ITS
Towards a rapid development environment for cognitive tutors

We invite proposals for Interactive Events during the AIED-2003 conference. Interactive Events are hands-on events that involve substantial participation of conference participants. They typically (but not necessarily) involve the use of innovative instructional software or hardware scenarios (e.g., PDAs or networked learning environments). The purpose of these events is to have participants experience the capabilities of state-of-the-art instructional software in a hands-on manner and/or to spur informed discussion. Although CSCL software is very well suited for this kind of event, Interactive Events do not necessarily call for such software. For example, a group can try out software designed to support individual learning and then discuss it as a group. Audience participation is key.

The Interactive Events will take place in networked computer lab(s) and will be allocated their own time slot in the conference schedule. Depending on the number of proposals we receive, IEs will last 40-60 minutes.

An Interactive Event can be a presentation in its own right but it can also be connected to another contribution, such as a poster (and short paper), a long paper, or a paper submitted to the Young Researchers Track (YRT). An Interactive Event connected to an accepted long or YRT paper does NOT replace the presentation of that paper. When an Interactive Event is related to a poster (i.e. a short paper in the proceedings), it is up to the presenters to decide whether they would like to present their work also during a poster session. Descriptions of the Interactive Events will be published in an informal document handed out to all conference participants. Thus the Interactive Event track allows for later unofficial publication of new results of a practical or technical nature.

Proposal format

Proposals for Interactive Events should be no less than two pages and no more than six pages and should include the items listed below. The bulk of the proposal should outline a script for the event.

  • A brief general description of the event. A brief statement (e.g., one paragraph) of the scientific contribution of the work that will be presented (e.g., what hypotheses are being pursued, what is unique about the system being demonstrated).
  • A script for the event, including for example key features of the software that will be highlighted and any plans for involving the audience. We encourage organizers of Interactive Events to allow for ample discussion time and when appropriate to include in their proposal a list of possible discussion questions.
  • A detailed statement of the technical requirements (computer and A/V equipment needed); we will make every effort to meet these requirements but we are of course bound by budgetary constraints.
  • If the Interactive Event is strongly related to another contribution (short paper, long paper, paper submitted to the Young Researchers Track), please indicate so in the proposal (include title, authors, and the type of contribution). If the related contribution is a short paper, please indicate whether you prefer to do the Interactive Event in addition to or instead of the poster presentation. Please also provide the paper number that you were supplied by the submission site.

The proposals will be reviewed and the best ones will be selected based on how interesting they are judged to be and novelty of the software being demonstrated and/or the issues being discussed, as well as the level of interactiveness of the proposed event.

Description format


Please send proposals (preferably electronically, in .pdf format) to:

Vincent Aleven
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213