Basser Seminar Series

A Trial of Groupware to Support an Intelligent Productive Work using a Hundred Data: Middleware, Groupware and Evaluation

Associate Professor Takaya Yuizono
Graduate School of Knowledge Science, Japan Advance Institute of Science and Technology

Wednesday 26 March 2008, 4-5pm

The University of Sydney, School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre (Room 123), Level 1


Groupware technology is expected to support an intelligent productive work. By referring the KJ method, which is partly known as affinity diagram, an idea generation support system has been developed since 1990s in Japan. The method is well known in Japan as a groupwork technique but originally considered as the hypothesis creation from many data collected in fieldwork by an anthropologist. We developed a groupware named GUNGEN for an idea generation to support the KJ method but had some restrictions for collaboration. Recently the groupware requires a large workspace to handle a hundred data. Therefore, a middleware named GLIA has been developed to build large collaboration spaces with networked mice. The middleware allows concurrent access by multi cursors on Java-SWING GUI. A groupware named KUSANAGI has been developed with the middleware to support the KJ method using about five hundreds data on large collaboration environments. This talk introduces these challenges that contain the middleware development and evaluation of the groupware.