Basser Seminar Series

The simplified swarm optimization and its applications

Speaker: Professor Wei-Chang Yeh
National Tsing Hua University

When: Friday 28 August, 2015, 11am-12pm. Please note different day and time to usual.

Where: The University of Sydney, School of IT Building, SIT Lecture Theatre (Room 123).

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The optimization problem is very important in the real world and researchers have studied numerous optimization problems during these decades from various perspectives. It is a well-known Soft Computing for solving good-quality solutions of large-scale NP-hard optimization problems in various domains within a reasonable time.

The SSO (Simplified Swarm Optimization) is a new population-based Soft Computing proposed by Yeh. The fundamental concept of all versions of SSO is that each variable of any solution needs to be updated to a value related to its current value (as a local search), the pBest (the best solution among its history; its role is a hybrid global and local search), the gBest (the best solution among all other solutions; it acts as a global search), or a random feasible value (to enhance the capacity to escape from a local optimum). Due to the simplicity of modifying to suitable variants of real-life problems, e.g., the supply chain management, the grid computing, the data mining, the reliable systems design, etc., there many different versions of SSO have been proposed by researchers to apply to variant optimization applications since the inception of SSO. For this presentation, we provide an introduction, share real examples, and future works challenges of SSO.

Speaker's biography

Professor Wei-Chang Yeh is the distinguished professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management at the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). His research interests include network reliability theory and soft computing. He has authored more than 200 research papers in various international journals and conferences. He has also received more than 30 patents and served as the Special Session Chair, Session Chair, Keynote Speaker, Plenary Speaker, Organizer, Program Chair, International Program Committee, International Technical Committee, Associate Editor, and so on for various international conferences. Dr. Yeh is a senior member of the IEEE, a senior member of IACSIT, and a member of INFORMS. He has received awards for his research achievement from Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. He is the Chair of IEEE CIS Task Force on "Intelligent Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control, Reliability, and Optimization" and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of "The Open Cybernetics & Systemics Journal" and "Soft Computing with Applications (SCA)".