Basser Seminar Series

MOVEeCloud: An open cloud platform for Activity Analysis

Speaker: Professor Paul Watson, Newcastle University, UK

Time: Monday 11 February 2013, 12:00pm

Location: The University of Sydney, School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre (Room 123), Level 1


Physical activity and sleep are fundamental to health and wellbeing. Low daily energy expenditure, associated with frequent bouts of inactivity, and inadequate sleep are associated with the development of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, measuring people’s activity outside of laboratory environments has been a problem.

We have been exploring new methods of measuring physical activity and sleep, in particular through the use of wrist-worn accelerometers. The computing requirements are challenging as the system must scale to store and analyse vast quantities of data, collected from large populations of users. To address these needs, we have designed and deployed a cloud-based system - MOVEeCloud - for the storage and analysis of data. This is based on e-Science Central - a portable, scalable, secure cloud platform which is currently supporting over AUS$30M of research projects. MOVEeCloud is an open platform that aims to the encourage sharing of data and analysis routines amongst researchers. It is currently being extended to support study management.

The talk will explain how the challenges of large-scale activity analysis, and supporting collaboration between scientists, have been addressed through the design of MOVEeCloud.

MOVEeCloud is a collaboration with Professor Mike Trenell, Director of MoveLab & NIHR Senior Research Fellow at Newcastle University, UK. The work described in the talk is supported by grants from the Research Councils UK, the European Union, Microsoft and Red Hat.

Speaker's biography

Paul Watson is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Digital Institute at Newcastle University, UK. There he leads a range of projects that design and exploit cloud computing solutions, including the AUS$20M “Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy” research hub (SiDE) which is investigating how advanced technologies can be used to improve the lives of those from vulnerable groups including older people, disabled people, and marginalised youth. His current research is focussed around the high-level "e-Science Central" cloud platform. Professor Watson joined Newcastle University from industry (ICL High Performance Systems) where he designed scalable database systems. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the British Computer Society, and a member of the UK Computing Research Committee.