Basser Seminar Series

Water Information Management: Opportunities for Research

Kerry Taylor
Research Group Leader, CSIRO ICT Center, Canberra

Wednesday 29 August 2007, 4-5 pm

School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre 123, Level 1


On 25th January this year the Prime Minister released a $10 bn plan for improved management of Australia's scarce water resources. Underpinning that plan was proposed legislation, the "Water Bill" that passed through the Australian Parliament on 17th August 2007.

A key element of that plan, and the legislation, is a new role for the Bureau of Meteorology to to "hold and manage all of Australia's water data".

However, water data is a fluid concept, and the task challenges our capability for information systems design in many ways.

I will discuss the the major challenges I can see for the Bureau and its partners in meeting the expectations for water information management, and identify opportunities for research in computer science and information systems that could help.

Note: I do not represent the Bureau of Meteorology. This seminar represents my own opinions only!

Speaker's biography

Dr Kerry Taylor is a research group leader in the CSIRO ICT Centre, and a founding member of the ARC Network for Enterprise Information Infrastructure. She was educated in Computer Science at UNSW and ANU, and has broad interests in AI, databases, service oriented architectures, and environmental information systems. Currently, most of her work is about using semantic representations, especially ontologies, to support data integration and evolvable information systems.