Basser Seminar Series : Postgradute Research Seminar Series

Mobile Management Schemes for Wireless Mobile Networks

Javid Taheri
Postgraduate Student
Advanced Networks Research Group, School of IT

Wednesday 14 September 2005 2-3pm

Basser Conference Room (G92) Madsen Building


The aim of this project is to move from currently inefficient and non-intelligent wireless mobile networks toward networks which service the users more efficiently. Basically, this project is divided into two main sections. The first section is to improve the efficiency of currently offline methods (like GSM) to reduce the location management cost of the network. However, the second section is to design new approaches toward intelligent networks with completely different point of view. In this kind of networks, network has some kind of intelligence with different behaviour patterns for different users based on their previous movements and calls. As a result, the mobile networks will take individual actions for different users.