Basser Seminar Series

DCBM - A Multipath Routing Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Speaker: Professor Adrian Segall
Department of EE, Technion, IIT, Haifa, Israel and CSIRO ICT Centre (Sydney)

Time: Thursday 3 December 2009, 4:00-5:00pm Note, different day
Refreshments will be available from 3:30pm

Location: The University of Sydney, School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre (Room 123), Level 1

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Providing reliable and yet energy efficient routing protocols is of an utmost importance in Wireless Sensor Networks. Wireless Sensor Networks imply multi-hop data forwarding over unreliable and moving nodes. When selecting the appropriate routing paradigm, the main challenge is to find the right equilibrium between quality of data delivery and the energy invested. Insufficient quality of data delivery may fail the application deployed over the wireless sensor network, while an energy wasteful protocol may significantly shorten the lifetime of the network. In this work we propose a new routing algorithm for WSN’s, named the Data Centric Braided Multipath (DCBM) algorithm. The algorithm is designed to achieve and maintain route resiliency through multiple interleaving routing paths, capable to cope with node mobility. Simulations show that the algorithm maintains a delivery ratio similar to the previously suggested protocols, but requires significantly lower control packet overhead. The algorithm has several additional desirable properties, like loop reduction and the capability to restrict updates to areas close to disruption events.

This work was performed in collaboration with Alex Aronsky.

Speaker's biography

Adrian Segall is Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, holding the Benjamin chair in Computer-Communication Networks. He is currently a Distinguished Visitor Scientist at the CSIRO ICT Centre, Marsfield, NSW.