Basser Seminar Series

QuRiNet Testbed and Related Research on Wireless Networks

Speaker: Dr Prasant Mohapatra
University of California

Time: Friday 26 August 2011, 4:00-5:00pm
Refreshments will be available from 3:30pm
Location: The University of Sydney, School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre (Room 123), Level 1


Wireless mesh networks are becoming very popular alternatives to wireless LANs and for cost-effective use in varied application environments. There are several technical challenges that must be addressed for mesh networking to be as effective as any other form of broadband networking. Much of these challenges relate to multi-hop wireless communication and limited capacity. The goal of this informal presentation is to facilitate further discussions on these challenges. This talk will address these issues in two parts. In the first part of the talk, we will overview the ongoing deployment of the Quail Ridge Wireless Mesh Network (QuRiNet); a wide-area mesh test-bed encompassing 3000 acres of a wild life reserve. In the second part of the talk, we will overview our ongoing research efforts on the topics of wireless networks, focusing on security and quality issues. Some future plans along these lines and other relevant research directions will conclude the presentation.

Speaker's biography

Dr Prasant Mohapatra is currently the Tim Bucher Family Endowed Chair Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. He has also held visiting positions at Intel Corporation, AT&T, Panasonic Technologies, Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore, and National ICT Australia (NICTA), University of Padova, Italy and Yonsei University, South Korea. He was/is on the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Transaction on Parallel and Distributed Systems, ACM WINET, and Ad Hoc Networks. He has been on the program/organisational committees of several international conferences. He served as the General Chair of SECON 2011, IEEE WoWMoM 2012, Program Vice-Chair of INFOCOM 2004, and the Program Chair of SECON 2004, QShine 2006, WoWMoM 2009, and IEEE MASS 2010. He has been a Guest Editor for IEEE Network, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Communications, IEEE Wireless Communications, and the IEEE Computer.

Dr Mohapatra is a Fellow of the IEEE. He received his doctoral degree from Penn State University in 1993, and received an Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award in 2008.

Dr Mohapatra's research interests are in the areas of wireless networks, sensor networks, Internet protocols, and QoS. Dr Mohapatra's research has been funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Intel Corporation, Siemens, Panasonic Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Raytheon and EMC Corporation.