Basser Seminar Series

Policy Management For Autonomic Data Management

Dr Mukesh Mohania , IBM India Research Lab

Friday 26 November 2004 10am (Note: different time & day)

Basser Conference Room (G92) Madsen Building


Most of the organizations are doing their businesses on-line and the popularity of e-Business has lead to an exponential and unstructured growth in the applications space coupled with an increase in the database size. Particularly, Internet enabled services have led to an increase in the size and complexity of the database making its administration task very complex.

Moreover, organizations are increasingly concerned about the privacy of data that they manage. Thus, managing such large ever growing and privacy-preserving database is complex and time-consuming task. In this talk we will discuss a policy-based framework for autonomic database administration.

We, at IBM India Research Lab, have developed a system that automatically manages data based on events. We will discuss the various features of our proposed system and then discuss the various algorithms that have been designed and implemented in our policy execution engine.

About the speaker

Mukesh Mohania received his Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India in 1995. He was a faculty member in University of South Australia, Western Michigan University from 1995-2001. He was also associated with Kyoto University and Purdue University as Senior Research Fellow from 1996-2001. Currently, he is a manager in IBM India Research Lab and leading database team.

He has worked extensively in the areas of rule processing in distributed databases, data warehousing, semi/unstructured databases, XML data integration, data mining and autonomic computing. He has published more than 75 research papers in these areas in leading international journal, conferences and as book chapters. He has filed 5 patents in these areas.

Mukesh has organized several international conferences and workshops as programme chair and edited several conference proceedings. He has also been associated with many conferences as programme committee members, and with many journals as reviewer and editorial board member.

He has received several research and infrasturcture grants from National Science Foudation (NSF),Australian Research Council (ARC), Defense Science and Technology Organization (Australia), University of South Australia and Purdue University (USA).
He was awarded Technical Achievement Award in the area of Web Database Management and Data Warehousing by Association of Database and Expert Systems Applications in Greenwich, U.K., 2000.

He is also a IEEE senior member.