Basser Seminar Series

Postgraduate Research Seminar Series

Motivated Agents

Kathryn Merrick
NICTA IMAGEN Research Program
Multimedia Computing Research Laboratory

Wednesday 13 July 2005, 2pm

Basser Conference Room, Madsen Building G92


Traditional approaches to agent design require that agents be pre-programmed with goals, rewards, consecutive learning episodes or examples of correct behaviour. This is undesirable in complex, dynamic environments where pre-programmed domain theories can only approximate the true state of the world and where pre-programmed goals can become obsolete. This research is developing and evaluating a domain independent agent model for self-determining agents that can develop competencies in a wide range of dynamic environments. Our approach introduces a model for motivated agents governed by a general, domain independent motivation process. Motivated agents can identify interesting events in their environment and use these as the basis for goals from which new behaviours can be learned.