Basser Seminar Series

Data Stream Processing in Resource-constrained Environments: Techniques and Applications

Mohamed Gaber
Monash University

Wednesday 31 May 2006, 4-5pm

Basser Conference Room (Madsen Building, Room G92)


Traditional data processing techniques have been used with the evolution in databases and data warehousing technologies. Large data repositories have been analyzed for knowledge for business value and scientific discovery. With the advances in both hardware and software technologies, data generation becomes faster than ever. This introduces the area of data streams. Streaming data is ubiquitous and there is a real challenge to store, query, analyze and visualize such rapid large volumes of data. Resource constraints of ubiquitous environments represent the main research issue to realize such a potential field with various important applications. Examples of such applications include sensor networks, web clickstreams, ATM transactions, stock market data and many others. In this talk, we review the challenges facing data stream processing. The need for resource-awareness and adaptation is presented leading to a detailed discussion of our novel techniques in mining/querying data streams. Applications of these techniques are also given and discussed. Finally the talk is concluded with future visions in the area of data streams and resource-constrained processing environments.

Speaker's biography

Mohamed Medhat Gaber is a near completion PhD candidate at Monash University. His PhD proposes and develops novel adaptive and lightweight data stream mining algorithms to enable "on-board" processing in resource-constrained devices such as handheld computers/ sensors. he was awarded the competitive and prestigious IBM Doctoral Internship at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Canter in 2005. he worked with Dr. Phillip Yu (Manager, Software Tools and Techniques) from March - July 2005. He has published three journal papers, two book chapters and 14 conference/workshop papers during his PhD candidature. He has four successful Master and Honour supervision at Monash University with three high distinction grades. The Faculty of IT, Monash University has selected him to present his profile in Monash Research Graduate School Annual Report 2004 and its guide for the university scholarship for students starting 2006. He has also been nominated for inclusion in the 2006-2007 (9th) Edition of WHO'S WHO in science and engineering. Mohamed has served in the program committees of several international and local conferences and workshops. He has also been invited as a reviewer for the special issues of international journals in the area of data stream mining.