Basser Seminar Series

Doing Active Harm: Patterns of Process, Chaos, and Anti-Process in Business and Information Technology

George Kelly Flanagin, Bright-Crayon, LLC

Wednesday 9 March 2-3pm

Basser Conference Room (G92) Madsen Building


"Chaos" in both Business and Technology is not the opposite of process and forward movement. Chaos is a constructive neutrality between actual process and ersatz process (i.e. antiprocess). As a result of this new definition of chaos, even established processes must be under constant review as to their usefulness.

Two questions are seminal to this discussion:

1. How do we correctly identify dangerous anti-processes so that we may rid ourselves of them?

2. Since chaos appears to have a place in business, how may we make use of it?

Speaker's biography

George Flanagin is a software professional with 25 years of experience in the design, delivery, and business management of IT products. He has managed the development of well known commercial products at HP Labs and Thuridion, Inc., as well as having worked for seven years for Boeing Defense and Space Group. In 1997/98 George served on the Board of Directors of Triton-Elics International, Inc. S.A. of California and France.

George is a former Lecturer in Computer Science at the VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) School of Engineering. VCU is Virginia’s largest public university with approximately 25,000 students. George is the author of a dozen published articles on a variety of technological topics.

In 2000, George Flanagin and Susan Jacobs started Bright-Crayon, LLC, a company whose focus is the reunification of Information TecInformation Technology with the professions it serves. Bright-Crayon now has five pahnology with the professions it serves. Bright-Crayon now has five partners including John Pastore, Jr., the former CTO of Capital One Bank, a Fortune 500 company, and Dr. Pamela Kiecker, the Executive Director of the Interactive Marketing Institute.