Basser Seminar Series

System Support for Pervasive Computing

Professor Christian Becker
Chair of Information Systems II, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Mannheim, Germany

Visiting speaker series supported by EII Taskforce on Context-Aware Computing

Friday 25 January 2008, 2-3 pm, **Note different day and time

School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre, Room 123, Level 1


In the vision of Pervasive Computing computers pervade our daily environment - mostly as embedded systems that augment our surrounding.
Applications can utilize a number of services that are available in the physical proximity in order to offer their users services tailored to their current context. Due to mobility and effects, such as power saving, services will fluctuate. Applications have to adapt to compensate fluctuations as well as make use of "better" services that become available.

In the Peer to Peer Pervasive Computing project 3PC we have investigated middleware concepts that allow to establish a so called smart peer group that is formed from devices with a common mobility pattern. Within this smart peer group, resources are shared. We named this middleware BASE and used it as a technical foundation to investigate concepts and mechanism for automated application adaptation. In our component system PCOM contracts between components are enriched in their semantics and thus allow the system to automatically substitute a component in case of fluctuations or availability of a better candidate.

The talk closes with an outlook to current research that builds on the concepts developed in 3PC.

Speaker's biography

Christian Becker is a full professor for Information Systems at the University of Mannheim since 2006. Prior to this he was a visiting professor for distributed systems at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Spring Term 2006. He studied Computer Science at the Universities of Karlsruhe and Kaiserslautern where he received the Diploma in 1996. From 1997 till 2001 he was a researcher at the distributed systems and operating systems group at the University of Frankfurt where he received his PhD in 2001 with a thesis about Quality of Service Management in Distributed Object Systems. In 2001 he joined the distributed systems group at the University of Stuttgart as Post Doc.

His research focussed on system support for Pervasive Computing and Context-Aware Computing. He was a member of the Nexus project that investigates concepts for global scale context management. In 2004 he received the venia legendi (Habilitation) for Computer Science (Informatik).

Christian's research interests are distributed systems and Context-Aware Computing.