IT Announce

IT-Announce is an emailing list, currently curated by Mr Stephen Anthony, that goes out to all (or almost all) computer science academics in Australia. Over time, it is also hoped to cover all the departments in New Zealand (there already are some). Click here to see if your department or school is represented. There is also cross-over with the IS-ASIA list, which covers Information Systems departments in the region.

The list grew out of the emailing list used to advertise the First Australian Conference on Computer Science Education (Sydney University, July 3-5, 1996) and the recognition that we all read various news groups, but there is no way of publicising things of importance to our region. The Australian Computer Society has sponsored the list since 2001. We are extremely grateful to the Australian Computer Society for the contributions they have made and continue to make to IT-Announce and the IT community in general.

The list works by maintaining a list of departmental email aliases rather than a (MUCH larger) list of personal addresses. Where this is not desired, a contact person is used. Only if neither of these is possible, are individual addresses maintained here. (Parenthetically, it should be noted that a system of injecting seminar notices has been operating successfully in the Sydney region for some time.)

Potential postings may be submitted through the online submission form. If they fall within the categories listed below, they are redistributed to the list in a fortnightly newsletter, published online, and then archived on this site.

The categories for which postings will be accepted are:

Local (Austalia-NZ) conferences and workshops
International conferences and workshops
Academic jobs (or closely related, e.g. research centres)

Administrative requests should be sent via email to it-announce AT it DOT usyd DOT edu DOT au.

IT Announce is sponsored by the Australian Computer Society.