General guidelines


The University Policy Register is the formal location for all formal university policies and procedures. We recommend that students be aware of formal policies and procedures relevant to any issues you experience during your candidature.

Communication channels

From time to time, the school needs to inform students about important matters, for example, of changes to existing arrangements (such as tutorial locations or deadlines for submitting assignments). This information will be posted on the official web sites. These sites should be checked regularly (at least once every week). Electronic mail and news messages should also be checked regularly.

Students may also wish to inform the school of their concerns. Students are asked to elect a representative to the School Board and also several representatives to School student-staff liaison committees. The committees will meet at least once each semester to consider matters that the student members wish to raise and to inform them of relevant decisions, including those made at School Board Meetings.

Student representatives are also invited to attend the School Meeting.

Any student who has suggestions, complaints or comments about any aspect of the unit should tell the lecturer (or they may ask the student representative to talk to the lecturer). In a case where the lecturer is unable to resolve matters, the Undergraduate Director is the next authority; students can make an appointment to see the Undergraduate Director via email. They are also welcome to attend the liaison meeting, and raise the issue there.

Repeating students

Students repeating any unit are reminded that they must attend the whole course (including all assignments and examinations); the university does not normally grant exemptions from sections of the course.

Access to the School of IT building

The School of IT Building is generally open between 9am and 9 pm Monday to Friday during sememster.

Undergraduate students should not be in the building outside these hours unless they have been issued with a swipe card to the building or have written permission from an appropriate member of staff.

Use of University computing facilities

The School provides students with access to computing resources for the purpose of learning. These resources are expensive and shared by many people. Students are reminded that they are not allowed to misuse the resources. The University policy on the Use of University Information and Communication Technology Resources (ICT Resources) details the specific rules for use of University ICT resources. You are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with the policy, and to note that breaches of this policy are treated very seriously by the University. Attempts to undermine the security of the system, or to use resources for inappropriate goals, for example students using other students' accounts, keeping copies of networking or game-playing software, or to printing handouts or work from other units, may lead to disciplinary action being taken.