Postgraduate Research Travel Scheme (PRTS)

1. Synopsis

The Postgraduate Research Travel Fund is a scheme to support postgraduate research students to travel to conference venues in Australia and Overseas. Funds are made available to Postgraduate Research Students up to a fixed amount depending on the ERA ranking of the conference and the location of the conference. Students have access to PRTS funds as soon as they receive the acceptance letter from the conference program chair.

2. Eligibility criteria / Applicants

Currently enrolled postgraduate research students are eligible to apply for funds under the PRTS provided their candidature does not exceed eight full-time semesters (or part-time equivalent) at the delivery date of the acceptance letter. If several postgraduate students have co-authored the conference publication, then only a single student can seek funding for the said conference.

3. Funding

The date of the acceptance letter determines the year of PRTS funding. The acceptance letter of the program chair has to be verified by the research admin and the research director. Satellite events of the conference (BoF session, poster session, etc.), which are not ranked by ERA, are not considered for funding. In 2011 following amounts are made available to postgraduate students:

Conference Ranking 





Region 1: local



Region 2: others



Region 3: Europe, Africa, North and South America



The PRTS covers expenses for conference travel. Conference travel expenses comprise:

  • Travel/Flight (ground travel such as taxi is not included)
  • Accommodation
  • Conference fees
  • Visa fees

Postgraduate research students have to book all airfares through the two University Preferred travel providers: Anywhere Travel or Campus Travel. Also students are required to give evidence that the cheapest means of accommodation has been booked for the conference trip.

Please Note: There is no provision to carry forward any unused PRTS funds.