Occupational Health and Safety

The School wishes to provide all staff and students with a safe working environment. If you notice something which may cause a problem, please notify Shari Lee (x 14158) the School’s OHS contact person.

Diagram of the School's OH&S reporting lines.

You should also read these Student safety tips.


In cases of emergency, please telephone the University’s security service directly on extension 13333.

Security in your room

Please get to know the other students who are sharing your wing with you, so that you become aware if someone is in the room, who does not belong there. And remember, if you are the last person in any room, then please the door is closed properly behind you.

Ergonomic matters

Students who spend a considerable part of the day on screen, are asked to read the desk, chair and posture guidelines together with other ergonomic guidelines.

First aid kits

The School’s First Aid kits are located in the common room and the photocopier room, and in the cupboards next to the fridges in the breakout areas on Level 3 and Level 4. The workshop and programmers on level 1 also have kits. Please contact Will Calleja if supplies are needed.

First aid officer

Will Calleja is the First aid officer in the School of IT building. He is located on Level One in the workshop, his phone number is 69706.

Note that the closest medical centre is in on Level 3 in the Wentworth building.

Emergency evacuation of the School of IT building

All staff and students are required to evacuate the building immediately on activation of the EVACUATION TONE (“Woop…..woop”). The voice-over message (“Evacuate the building”) will only activate on an automatic fire trip. Therefore, there will not be a voice-over when the alarms are activated manually, i.e. if the fire detection systems fail or during a non-fire emergency, i.e. gas leak, chemical spill, structural fault etc.

Staff and students are to proceed to the nearest exit point, and move to the assembly point as directed by the Warden. Assembly points are on Engineering Walk and the Seymour Centre forecourt.

Building Wardens have been instructed to guard specific building entry points and others have been instructed to marshal evacuees to the established assembly areas.

Current Floor wardens (from the School of IT) are as follows:

Greg Ryan




Tom Cai