Laptop use

Long periods of laptop use cause greater numbers of overuse injuries than do desktop computers. The Australian Standard for computer use, which covers aspects such as correct visual distance and screen height, cannot be met when using laptops alone (without supporting equipment). Therefore, permission is given for staff and students to use laptop computers, only under the following circumstances.

Ergonomic Issues

The following procedures must be in place, when working on laptops for more than one hour per day.

a) When using a laptop, users must also use
  - an external keyboard (preferably narrow)
  - an external mouse (must be used at the same height as the keyboard)
  - a stand to raise the monitor to the correct height for the user (top of monitor at eye level when seated).
b) Users must ensure correct seating posture, see the desk, chair and posture guidelines..
c) Safe working guidelines should apply, as with all computer use:
  - Rotation of tasks
  - Regular posture change
  - Avoid glare on screen
  - Ensure correct height of screen
  - Ensure correct posture
  - Use alternate hands if needing to use mouse excessively.