Postgraduates have free access to the following facilities for research purposes:

  • Photocopying
  • Facsimile
  • Phone
  • Group mailbox
  • Stationery; Laboratory books, overheads and computer diskettes only
  • Paper, toner, printers, etc., as required for research and production of thesis.
  • Swipe card access to School 24 hrs/day (subject to obeying Safety Regulations)
  • Common room with hot water, microwave and general facilities
  • Lockable cabinet for personal belongings
  • Email account on School server
  • Internet access
  • Laboratory space, workstations, office space as appropriate

Please note: The resources given to you as a postgraduate student are strictly for you to use for research-related matters; for example, you must not use the fax or photocopying machine for personal matters. You must not give your swipe card to any other individual, for any reason.

Students are advised that they may not make modifications to School equipment unless they have written permission from the Head of School prior to any modification being carried out.

In all such cases, the modified equipment will remain School property (i.e. it is not personal property, even if the modification incorporated personal property).

Please do not consume food or drink near keyboards/equipment (use the kitchen).

Room allocation

Postgraduate students are assigned a desk in an open-plan area in the research labs. Please see the Workshop staff who will issue you a swipe card that will allow access to the building, your wing and the photocopier/stationery room on level 2.

The allocation of desk space is ultimately the responsibility of the Head of School, often delegated to the Chair of the Resources Committee.


Mail is once daily, at around 1:30pm. Outgoing mail is collected at the same time. Outgoing mail should be clearly marked with the name of the sender and placed in the mail slot in the counter at reception. Admin staff will affix the School’s bar code to the back of the envelope (without which the mail cannot progress through the University’s mail system).

Each wing is allocated a mailbox, which you can check by asking to use the key at Reception.

Telephone, fax, printers

Each wing has a telephone for you to use. Please visit the Digital Phone User's Help page for information about how to use your telephone. This page also covers how to access voicemail messages.

The fax machine is located at reception on on level 2 - the ‘dial-in’ number is 9351 3838. Incoming faxes will be put in the mail-box for your wing. If you need to send a fax, please ask administrative staff to do it for you, as the fax machine has a code for use.

Printers are also located on your wing and in the printing room on Level 3 West.


Access to your wing is by swipe card only.

Please evacuate immediately when you hear the fire alarm.

Please ensure that any laptop in your care is in a locked cabinet when not in use.

Please ensure that any laptop in your care is never left (in view) in an unattended car.

The University’s Security Office is responsible for the following matters:

  • Emergency matters only: dial extension 13333
  • Traffic & Parking
  • Patrol
  • Security Systems
  • Bike Patrol
  • Security Bus
  • Lost property form.

Please visit the security for current students website for more details.

Car Parking

For more information on parking please visit the current students parking website.