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IT units of study on offer

Summer School 2015/2016

  • COMP5705 IT Short Project (Enrolment with permission from School only) - see project description below.
  • INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

COMP5705 project offering for Summer School 2015/2016

Project Supervised by Vincent Gramoli

Evaluation of Concurrent Data Structures on Multicore Machines
Synchrobench is a micro-benchmark suite used by researchers all over the world to evaluate synchronization techniques and concurrent data structures on multicore machines. Synchrobench is written in C/C++ and Java and currently includes arrays, binary trees, hash tables, linked lists, queues and skip lists that are synchronized with copy-on-write, locks, read-copy-update, compare-and-swap and transactional memory. A non-synchronized version of these data structures is proposed in each language as a baseline to measure the performance gain on multi-(/many-)core machines.

With the advent of multicore and manycore computers, new concurrent data structures algorithms keep being proposed by researchers. Synchrobench was published at the beginning of the year but numerous data structures were proposed since then and tested on hand-crafted benchmarks. The goal of this project is to gather these recent concurrent data structures, plug them to Synchrobench and compare their performance against the state-of-the-art implementations on a common ground. If the project is successful, the code will be released open source and included in the Synchrobench github repository.

This project requires good programming skills in C and Java.