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DV Scheduler
DV Scheduler is an application for TV viewing, recording, and streaming. It currently supports ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, and QAM digital cable (and partial support for analogue TV, FM radio, USB cameras, and other DirectShow enabled devices). Once installed it allows control and use of the capture devices through a standard web browser, either locally or through a network or internet.

Main features:
  • Unrestricted multiple recording of channels in the same frequency multiplex with one capture card. Multiple recording of different channels in the same frequency multiplex will use only one card, optimizing card usage.
  • Streaming over a network.
  • Vertical and horizontal EPG themes with color categories. If used in conjunction with XMLTVedt multiple EPG sources can be combined and conflicting EPG times can be shown in red.
  • One-click recording and Auto-Add feature to automatically schedule recordings based on keywords.
  • Customizable output format to allow watching, network streaming, on-the-fly transcoding, and more, of the digital broadcast.
  • Capture engine(s) used are configurable, allowing use of different capture engines.
Download DV Scheduler version 6.05 here (Windows installer) (Readme, Changes); the source is here.

Before installing DV Scheduler, please install 32-bit Java 7 (a.k.a. Java 1.7) or higher.

To install DV Scheduler simply run the installer. This will start the installation.

For digital broadcasts DV Scheduler uses DVPiper which has two available tuning methods. To change tuning method for a device, go to "Select Devices" and choose either "Normal" or "Fast".
By default DV Scheduler uses "Fast"; if this doesn't work with your device or broadcast, then try "Normal".
If you're upgrading from version 5.85 or earlier you will need to reload the EPG. The schedule list may also not be compatible.

If Java is updated you may need to reinstall DV Scheduler.
Other Downloads
Sample .ini files for transcoding using ffmpeg and VLC can be downloaded here.

For Channel Surf with large channel list, try this vertical channel list by Dimitri (extract to "http\themes" folder of where DV Scheduler is installed).

Channel Surf using HTML-5 and HTTP live streaming (HLS) can be downloaded here. This can be used when the VLC browser plugin is not available, and when streaming over the internet.

Channel Surf using multicast UDP is available here. This is useful when the DV Scheduler server and clients are on different locations.

Preview using HTTP live streaming (HLS) can be downloaded here. This can be used for media players that don't support continuous transport stream, and when streaming over the internet.

Old capture engine is archived here.
How do you view the colored subtitle files?
  • For a free media player with built-in subtitle viewer try Media Player Classic - Home Cinema; it is also available bundled with various codecs here.
    Alternatively you can use DirectVobSub filter or ffdshow filter with media players that use Directshow filters. To register the DirectVobSub filter enter "regsvr32 VSFilter.dll" from a command prompt.
Can't lock/scan/find any channel in Windows 7?
  • Try disabling "Windows Media Center". Go to "Control Panel", select "Programs and Features", then click on "Turn Windows Features on or off"; from the list, find "Media Features", expand it, then untick "Windows Media Center".
Can't lock/scan/find any channel in Windows Server?
  • You would need to add BDA support.
Getting java error in Windows 64 bit? Can't lock/scan/find any channel with HDHomeRun?
  • HDHomeRun is a network tuner, so if you have Windows Firewall or any other firewall running on your computer, check that it's not blocking HDHomeRun traffic. Also disable PID filter of the device.
Computer won't wake up from sleep to do a scheduled recording?
  • Ensure wake timers are enabled. In Windows 7, go to "Control Panel", select "Power Options". Click on "Change plan settings" on the currently active power plan, then click on "Change advanced power settings"; from the list, find "Sleep", then "Allow wake timers", and enable all the items.
Can't manipulate (copy, delete, etc) files in a network folder?
  • Use the actual path instead of a mapped drive. E.g. \\\share
    Go to "System" -> "Network Drives" and add username and password for the network folder.
    Alternatively turn off password protected sharing, see null session shares.
Can't record to a network folder?
  • See above.
Can't load EPG files from a network folder?
  • See above.
Can you watch on a phone or tablet?
  • BSPlayer and VLC are known to work. You would need to enable "Allow unsecure download" in "System Config".
When using https and Internet Explorer some images do not display?
  • Check "Use TLS 1.1" or "Use TLS 1.2" in the advanced options.
Firefox keeps asking what to do with Preview (.m3u) file?
  • Go to "System Config" and set "Preview disposition" to "inline".
In Firefox, channel preview opens a blank VLC plug-in (in Firefox)?
  • In Firefox, go to Options->Applications, search for m3u and set to "Always ask".
Changing the computer's date/time may result in strange behavior by DV Scheduler. Stop DV Scheduler before changing the computer's date/time.

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